Solar Roofs – saving the environment and your business

As a business owner, you often focus on ways to boost your revenue and profit margin. Generating revenue is always the first priority, but a close second on your list of priorities is likely reducing overhead costs. One of your biggest business expenses is your building maintenance, particularly energy costs. Fortunately, this is an area where you can significantly reduce your operating expenses.

As a way to trim overhead costs, business owners are becoming more interested in implementing green energy sources and using the best energy resource we have—the Sun. As commercial development grows, you will no doubt see more business structures and office buildings sporting solar panels on their rooftops. Solar energy creates a cleaner and healthier working environment, but this is also an area where business owners almost immediately recognize an increase in their organization’s bottom line. Business owners have reported saving anywhere between 50% and 90% on their utilities as a result.

Obtaining your power through solar energy is a simple process. The solar panels absorb the sun’s rays then convert them in to a direct current (DC) source. Your building’s solar energy system then converts the source in to an alternating current (AC) power source. The AC is what you use to provide power for your office computers and machinery.

Solar power is a more cost-effective energy source for your business facility. With solar panels, your building draws more energy from natural sunlight than from your utility lines. Your solar energy system uses a metering device to track the solar energy that you use. Most solar energy systems are tied to a power grid. This is a concept called “net metering” that essentially causes your meter to run backwards. Any solar energy that you do not use feeds back into the grid and your utility credits you for this power. That way you are not paying for power until you use up your energy credits.

Of course one of the methods for converting to a solar powered energy source is to install solar panels on your roof. However, if your building is not built to support the panels or you simply don’t like the aesthetics, there are also roofing materials that contain solar cells. The cells are made of a thin, pliable material that install, look, and function the same as a standard roof. 

Nearly everyone on the planet is interested in clean, efficient, and low-cost energy. Solar roofing on your business facility or office structure is a good way to help achieve this goal. The technology of solar energy continues to evolve so there will always be more simple and cost-effective ways to implement clean and sustainable energy in your business.

Is your building as energy efficient as it could be?

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